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A Program Designed With You In Mind!

We treat you on an individual basis and can tailor a solution to meet your weight loss goals, unique needs, and lifestyle.

Having a counselor that knows your history and your goal, and gives you positive feedback, is one of the special features of our program. We can give you tips from the experience of fellow dieters.

At your weekly meeting, you review your week - what worked and what didn't - make adjustments if necessary, chart your progress, and select foods for the coming week.

Three Phases

Weight Loss:

During this phase you lose weight utilizing structured meal plans that incorporate a combination of grocery foods and our protein products.

Refeeding Phase:

During this phase you return to a traditional eating pattern and protein supplements are slowly phased out.

Maintenance Phase:

You've lost the weight! You and your counselor designb a plan to maintain the weight you lost.

Why NutriMed?

Our products supply the body with necessary amounts of high quality protein without the added calories and dietary fat found in the most common protein rich foods such as meat and dairy.

Our products are calorie controlled, fat controlled, and portion controlled.

Our products provide a greater feeling of fullness and this helps control hunger.

Our products assure an adequate intake of protein during calorie restriction.

Our products help eliminate the temptations of high calorie, high fat sweets.

Being high in protein, the nutrients help the body maintain a higher metabolic rate during calorie restriction. As a result, you feel less tired, burn more fat, and lose weight faster.

Our products are convenient, compatible with today's busy lifestyle, portable, and easy. Meal planning and shopping is minimized.